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In this Macallan Rare Cask Black Review, you will find a Macallan with a surprising and distinctive attitude, Rare Cask Black is a whisky unlike any other Macallan.

This Macallan Rare Black Cask has ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of 48% and bottle volume of 70cl.

Additionally, this #MacallanRareCaskBlack has a rare, dark and smoky character.

How Much Is Rare Cask Black Macallan Price?

Average Rare Cask Black Macallan Price found online is SGD 688, such as the one sold by Bevbrands Singapore, a popular Whisky Online Singapore shop.

To be noted that this Rare Cask Black is different from the Macallan Rare Cask Black Limited Edition 2018, dubbed as 1824 Master’s Series, with the Macallan Rare Cask Black Limited Edition Price that could go as high as SGD 4,000.

Another thing, this Rare Cask Black whisky tells a different story of The Macallan spirit and casks, but more than that it tells a story of rarity. Less than 100 casks maturing at The Macallan distillery have contributed to the creation of this out of character whisky. These mysterious casks remained untouched in The Macallan’s dark warehouses under the watchful eye of our Master Whisky Maker. This lasts until he felt they were ready to be released.

Smoky Macallan is rare, there is very little in existence, and once used these casks will be no more. It has unexpected and distinctive in flavour with full bodied richness from the Macallan spirit. The Macallan Rare Black Cask is an unusual smoky spirit that tells a story of creativity and innovation.

Rare Cask Black’s Tasting Note

Finally, take a look at tasting note experience of the Macallan’s Rare Cask Black from The Macallan Distillery:

Colour: Autumnal leaves.

Nose: Intense flavour from a timeless thread of peat smoke. A beautiful combination of dried fruits, nutmeg, ginger and beautifully polished oak plus dates, figs and raisins, heavy but sweet.

Palate: A dry smokiness reveals itself yielding to softer oak tones.

Finish: Long and fruity with an elegant wood smoke.

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